K-Fit released for the BlackBerry Playbook

We are pleased to announce that the K-Fit app has been released for the BlackBerry Playbook!

K-Fit Beta Testers Needed!

After several months of work, we are finally ready to beta test the K-Fit app that has been in development.

K-Fit is a 12 week functional fitness exercise program developed by Kemme Fitness.  K-Fit is designed for beginners, utilizes minimal equipment, and will strengthen your whole body.

Pong Clock for the Playbook Back on Sale

Pong Clock for Tablet is back for sale in the Blackberry App World.  We believe the issues with the key generation have been resolved.  As always, if you purchased the upgrade to Pong Clock and received a non-working key, please email us at support@angryronin.com.  Provide your name, email address (the one used with BlackBerry App World, and Playbook PIN, and we will email you a working code to unlock the product.

Good news and Bad News!

We hate a good news / bad news post.

The good news is that Pong Clock for the Playbook was upgraded to version 1.5 today.  The bad news is that due to some sort of communication error with the BlackBerry App World servers, the key generation was not working correctly.  We have an open ticket with them to attempt to solve the issue, and Pong Clock has been temporarily removed from the App World.

Portable Food and Wine Pairings released for the Playbook

The code monkeys we keep chained in the basement have been hard at work lately, and we are pleased to announce that Portable Food and Wine Pairings has been released for the Playbook!

Portable Food and Wine Pairings is an app designed for the on-the-go person who wants to expand their culinary horizons with respect to wine and how it can pair with different foods.

Pong Clock is released for the BlackBerry smartphones

Pong Clock has been officially released for the BlackBerry smartphone platform.

Pong Clock exists in two flavors. The free (or trial) version of the app keeps time while playing pong. The paid version of the app includes features that allow it to take the place of the system clock - namely displaying while docked and the ability to set alarms.

Pong Clock is released for the Playbook

Angry Ronin Software is proud to announce that the Pong Clock app for the upcoming BlackBerry Playbook has been released!

Its available in the on-device App World, or here.

For those that like the finer things...

We are pleased to announce that we have released another fun portable app - Portable Food and Wine Pairings.

Currently only for the BlackBerry Playbook, Portable Food and Wine Pairings contains a database of several varietals and foods, along with hundreds of suggested pairings.

Its currently submitted to the BlackBerry App World and is awaiting testing and approval.

Pong Clock Screenshots

Pong Clock screenshots are up.  More will be following, including some FieldInterview-LWE screenshots.

You can see them here.

The Quest for Facebook "likes"

We are in a little drive to get our Facebook page noticed.  If you haven't already, click HERE or the link to the Facebook page under the "Follow us on" header on your right, which will take you to the Angry Ronin Software Facebook page.  Then "like" us there.  When we get 25 likes, I will be able to register a short url for our Facebook page.

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